The Turtle Experience

Turtle Immersion is total immersion … in nature, in water, in language.

Our large, private garden is the home of many species of birds and other wildlife (raccoons, chipmunks, skunks and the occasional deer). We have many fruit trees and grow our own organic vegetables.  There is always much to do in the garden and you are welcome to help us, or just enjoy the natural beauty around you.

We have a large collection of boats – kayaks, canoes, sailboats – which you may use (at your own risk) to explore Newboro Lake.

We can also provide guided visits to local villages and places of interest.

In keeping with our philosophy of sustainability, we offer an outdoor composting toilet and a private outdoor shower with hot water.

The Turtle Experience is not

  • year-round – accommodation is available June 1st – September 30th
  • luxury accommodation – you are invited to live simply and in harmony with nature.
  • insect-free – there are mosquitoes for much of the summer, but we have screens on all windows to make your stay comfortable.