Ah, summer!  An abundance of zucchini, brightly blooming flowers, singing loons, and … mosquitoes!  Usually we have fewer mosquitoes by August, but this summer has been a wet one!

Save our turtles!

From the Leadnow Petition, 10 July 2017: A record number of turtles are being killed, injured, or maimed crossing Ontario’s highways. The turtle trauma centre just declared state of emergency for turtles across the province, after taking in more than 600 injured turtles this year. Ontario’s government started to build underpasses on new highways so … More Save our turtles!

Garden visitors

We are not the only ones enjoying the beauty and bounty of our garden! Last year it was chipmunks and squirrels that helped themselves to our outdoor larder.  As if that wasn’t enough, the birds ate all our berries before we could get to them – their sharp eyes spotted our haskaps, gooseberries, red currants … More Garden visitors


  This beautiful little trillium plant is growing near the Turtle. And from the Turtle’s windows we can see a white blanket of trilliums under the rock ledge in the forest. The white trillium (Trillium Grandiflorum) is the provincial flower of Ontario.  It blooms in May – a sure sign that spring has arrived!  The trillium is … More Trillium


Several bird species are building their nests in our garden. We’ve seen robins, phoebes and grackles hard at work in the last few days.  A pair of cat birds have just flown in – perhaps they will build a nest in our spruce tree again this year. Robins build messy nests; phoebes’ nests seem to … More Nests

George Crawford

Grandfather George Crawford was born in Glasgow on 21 April 1904.  He qualified as a marine engineer in Glasgow in the early 1930’s.  In 1938 he moved his family (my grandmother, my aunt and my mother) to the small village of Kigoma on Lake Tanganyika where he became the ship’s engineer on the MV Liemba.  He … More George Crawford